Dystopia is brought to you by the passionate team behind the world famous Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival; designed to be an intimate, entertaining and unforgettable experience. We have been working since 2012 promoting exciting events,panels and festivals in New York and Europe and very happy to bring you version to 2.0 to Los Angeles Nov 2019

Here are some testimonials

  • Paul Charisse

    Great communication from them and a really unique and interesting festival (just wish i'd had the funds to attend it in person!)

    July 2019

  • Dashawna Wright

    The Philip K. Dick Festival was great, I was amazed by the level of quality and content of the films shown. They showcased some really great films and web series. The film festival organizers communicated very well and offered great hospitality.

    April 2019

  • Robbie Robertson

    I was very pleased with my experience at The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Festival, especially because it was the NYC premiere screening of my film, Whistler's Mother. I had great contact with the festival staff and enjoyed nice promotion of my film on all their social channels as well as through their press outreach. This festival is also one that has a cool backstory behind it, with all selected films sharing a connective quality or essence to the work of Philip K. Dick, a legendary icon of science/fiction/fantasy writing. I highly recommend this as a premiere festival to enter!

    March 2019

  • Sarah K Reimers

    I wasn't able to attend at the very last minute, but I felt that the folks running the festival were easy to get ahold of and kept me up to date and informed of the schedule, hospitality, etc.

    March 2019

  • Paul Navarro

    Very nice organizers and the venue was beautiful.

    March 2019

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