Artist Alley Tables: are intended for Artist who plan to sell their original Artwork/Small Apparel,in which they have, ownership, copyright, or is their intellectual property.

Artist may display their portfolio to show case(Not Sell) past commissioned works.

Display: Small Table Top racks, easels,or stands permitted. Large floor or wall racks,shelving are not allowed! Nothing is to be attached to any Pipe and Drape walls.

Booths 10’x 10’ & Larger: Floor racks and stands and/or Standalone shelves(properly weighted down) are permitted. Nothing is to be attached to any Pipe and Drape walls.

Purchasers of Exhibitor Booths & Artist Alley Tables please note the following:

Henna tattoos, face painting, and other work expressing art on a person’s body is prohibited.

Adult material will not be permitted to be sold in Artist Alley. Any items showing pornography and/or nudity will not be allowed to be displayed or sold.

No Exceptions!

We are not liable for any infringing content, or failure to discover, or remove the infringing content. We do our best to keep infringing content out of our show and cooperate with Rights Holders and law enforcement. Dystopia Sci-Fi Con is not responsible for policing or enforcing intellectual property.